SugarCon 2016

SugarCon 2016 - Goal in Sight

Vision’s number one passion is our “Heart of Service”, our commitment to provide the best customer service in the industry. Giving our clients the highest level of service is so essential to our existence, we don’t know how NOT to do it. We delivered our high-touch service when we partnered with SugarCRM to produce SugarCon 2016 in San Francisco.

Our work for SugarCon 2016 started 18 months before the event. Our job is to guide our clients through every step of the event planning and management process, from the first phone call to the moment their last attendees leave to catch their flight home. We assisted with site selection, constructed a realistic budget and timeline, designed plans for all logistics involved, crafted the menus for the event’s food and beverage needs, and handled a plethora of tasks crucial to the success of the event. But most importantly, we asked SugarCRM, “What exactly is your dream goal for this event?” Their answer, “We want to raise awareness of SugarCRM, and also teach people how to use our product more effectively.”

SugarCRM made their goal clear and we made it our personal mission to keep their eyes on that prize. Too often, corporate event planners can get lost in the dirty work, the details, the minutiae of event managing, that it’s easy to lose sight of their bigger picture goals. We don’t want that to happen with any of our clients. We want them to focus on making high-level decisions on how to communicate their message to their attendees, not on how many pieces of chicken they need for lunch breaks. So we told SugarCRM to leave the chicken-counting to us and center their energies on their dream goal.

 SugarCon 2016 welcomed it’s 1200 attendees to San Francisco’s Hilton Union Square, one of the most costly places to hold an event. But, Vision has a longstanding and successful relationship with the Hilton and helped SugarCRM negotiate a deal that resulted in a significant savings in venue costs for the client. And the venue proved a perfect place for attendees to immerse themselves in all things SugarCRM.

 Vision directed all the logistics for general sessions, receptions, sponsor exhibits and evening parties, leaving the SugarCRM Communications and Marketing teams free to focus on their content. And when SugarCRM requested some help with that content, Vision deployed their production team. Vision’s production team worked very closely with SugarCRM to fully understand their message and produce a custom opening video to set the tone for the event. We guided them through all the elements of production and meticulously worked to help choose the right imagery, graphics, and soundtrack for their opening video. SugarCRM opened SugarCon 2016 by playing this high-energy and message-driving video to welcome their attendees.

 SugarCRM was able to meet their goal of product awareness and education through their executives on the general session stage, sponsor exhibits, and breakout sessions.

 SugarCon 2016 was a success and we know that straight from the customer. Even after the event has wrapped, It’s standard practice for us to have a comprehensive post-event conference call with all the major players. From our post-event conversation with SugarCRM we were delighted to hear they were happy with their event but we also talked productively on how to improve for next year. This guided and deliberate post-event review reveal information that is crucial as we grow our relationship with SugarCRM and as we continue to raise the bar on our level of service. With these post-event call we walk away with some learning lessons and some solid plans on improvement for the next year.

 We truly enjoyed extending our “Heart of Service” to SugarCRM. With the bar set even higher for next year, we know that SugarCon 2017 is going to be another success.