FinancialForce 2017

FinancialForce 2017 - Made to Scale

FinancialForce is a rapidly growing company and poised to become an even bigger player in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) space. We received our first call from FinancialForce several years ago, right as they crossed that threshold of being a big enough company to need a little outside logistical help. We were more than happy to oblige, and since then we’ve been grateful that our partnership with FinancialForce has continued to expand in lock-step with the growing success of their company. By now we’ve worked with them on dozens of events, including their most recent Global Field Kickoff at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California.

This was an exciting meeting for FinancialForce. Their company has continued to expand, and this GFK was the organization’s first official introduction to their brand new CEO. In their general session, FinancialForce shared facts and figures about their early success, and invited a few of their real-life customers to serve as keynote speakers. FinancialForce even used some of their time gathered as an organization to do some good for the local community. As part of an elaborate team-building activity, the attendees worked collaboratively and competitively in groups to build and race bikes - which were then presented to local children in need. It was definitely a successful GFK.

Working with FinancialForce at their 2017 Global Field Kickoff inspired us to take a step back and reflect on our relationship with their organization and how it’s grown. We were lucky enough to get that original phone call from FinancialForce years ago, and have since been their first and only company to support their events. What started out as a small contract for a Logistics Consult has grown into dozens events over the last several years, and looking forward we already have 8 additional events on the calendar.

FinancialForce is in it’s early expansion era and we know it will long continue. It is always our pleasure to work with a company and scale our services with the evolution of our clients. We enjoy being part of our client’s story, whether it’s from their days as a new Silicon startup or several years down the road when they become global leaders in their sectors. Regardless of size, be it a meeting of 50 or a meeting of 10,000, Vision always approaches our clients with the same high-touch service.

Congratulations to FinancialForce on their successful 2017 Global Field Kickoff and cheers to an exciting time ahead!