McAfee 2017

McAfee 2017 - Power Play

After spending the last several years as a part of the Intel family, McAfee is poised to re-emerge into the infosec sector as their own, stand-alone entity. So understandably, their recent 2017 Sales Kick Off was a crucial opportunity to extend their new motto, “Together is Power”, into a message that their sales force could understand and embody.

At Vision, one of our jobs is to come alongside and truly become an extension of our client’s marketing and communications departments. Our first step was to sit down with McAfee’s Chief Marketing Officer and her team to really dive into their new messaging and marketing. We immersed ourselves in McAfee’s culture so we could authentically translate their new brand story for an internal audience.

Since 2017 is such a pivotal year for McAfee, this Sales Kick Off was less about specific products and so much more about unifying their sales force under one solid and powerful identity. We considered McAfee’s marketing materials and the discussions we had with their marketing team to create a POWER theme that would rally their sales force.

Vision had to be deliberate with every choice for the McAfee SKO, especially in terms of their General Session room. Because it is the only occasion every year that the entire sales force is gathered in one room, the General Session was the ultimate opportunity to relay their POWER message in a clear, concise, and unified conversation with the entire sales organization.

Vision’s stage design was purposely epic. Our crew installed an immense screen: 90 feet wide by 18 feet tall. Also installed were two matching, custom-made, scenic elements that were crafted into 15 foot tall replicas of the new McAfee logo. The first impression of these massive set pieces was as a powerful statement for the bold new McAfee brand redesign - what was even more impactful was the second impression, when the 15 ft tall scenic elements were revealed to be projection-mapped graphics, coming to life as additional outboard screens used throughout the rest of General Session for graphics, titling, and eye-candy.

Our production team had the huge challenge of creating content that would be worthy of such a powerful stage, but we did just that. We created a total of eighteen speaker intro videos for McAfee, all constructed with fast-paced, compelling, and mighty images. Our team thoughtfully constructed a campaign around eighteen representations of power that helped tell the visual story of their new brand. We told that story through different moments of power, not all literal but all still conveying the correct emotional experience. We assertively filled that room with inspiring, diverse, and dynamic POWER images: from race cars and space launches, to elite athletes, symphonies and forces of nature. And to top it off, we chose a percussive soundtrack strong enough to match up with all the powerful visuals. You had to have your eyes closed and your ears plugged to not feel the power in that room.

We even had a built-in gauge to read the performance of the messaging. Vision sent a camera crew to McAfee’s Sales Kick Off to interview individuals from their sales force. In a man-on-the-street style, we asked attendees one question, “What is POWER?” And their answers proved they had learned exactly McAfee’s new messaging and branding. Every person we interviewed had been energized by the General Session and was genuinely excited about McAfee’s new identity. After two days of interviews, Vision’s production team edited the footage overnight and produced a video that played during the closing General Session. Having the attendees see themselves on the big screen was the ultimate gesture to demonstrate how much McAfee values every individual in their organization. And the video was definite proof that our approach to telling the McAfee story resonated with our audience.

McAfee came to us with the clear intent of assembling their sales force into the unified and dominant organization they need for their upcoming year. We are so proud of our ability to really connect the dots from their marketing materials to their General Session screens and create the unique environment for their sales force to thrive as they prepare for the year ahead. It was our pleasure to really understand McAfee as an organization, to get the seal of approval from their Chief Marketing Officer, and to have our hand in harnessing the POWER for their organization. We look forward to their year ahead and to working with them again in the future.