DocuSign 2017

DocuSign SKO 2017 - Marching To A Different Drummer

The unmistakable trill of a drum major’s whistle sounded the opening of DocuSign Sales Kick Off 2017, with a count-off that cued the percussion, brass and woodwind sections of the University of Washington’s Husky Marching Band to proceed into the General Session ballroom at the Sheraton Seattle. With over half of DocuSign SKO 2017 attendees hailing from the local area, they truly appreciated the precise beats in the fight song of the University of Washington. And the Husky Marching Band provided the soundtrack for another grand entrance as DocuSign’s President of Worldwide Field Operations walked on stage to the classic rock hit, “Slow Ride”.

The idea to open the Sales Kick Off in such a memorable way came from one of DocuSign’s own internal planners, who threw the thought out there, not really expecting an marching band to be a realistic possibility. But we pooled our resources and our efforts to make sure their great idea came to fruition. We encourage our clients to bring us their pipe dreams, because we pride ourselves in our ability to bring those dreams to life.

DocuSign SKO 2017 was an all-around success. Beyond the opening General Session, the event was one of the smoothest and most stress-free we’ve ever produced. Our decades worth of knowledge and our past experience with DocuSign helped us prepare for any situation. Because we handled all the details, DocuSign’s internal meeting planners spent less time worrying about the small stuff and more time on the bigger-picture aspects of their SKO. And they were thrilled to have ample time to spend networking with their sales force.

We were happy to help create an unforgettable start to this SKO, as well as provide excellent, non-stop service until the very last attendee walked out of the Sheraton Seattle. We are already working on DocuSign SKO 2018 and can’t wait to help their next great idea become a reality.