Travel 2017

Travel 2017 - Heart of Service in Paradise

For almost twenty years, Vision has been managing our clients’ Sales Incentive Trips to exciting destinations all over the world. Whether your organization calls it a President’s Club, Chairman’s Club, Top Performers, or any other variety, our reputation for delivering our signature high-touch service is legendary. Some of our favorite destinations this year have included the Caribbean paradise of Anguilla; Punta Mita, Mexico; and Playa Herradura, Costa Rica.

The hard-working recipient who qualifies to attend these events deserve once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and we make it our mission to leave lasting impressions. Vision believes that the measure of an incentive trip is in the quality of the experience, and we do everything we can to make it feel as exclusive and unique as possible.

And what exactly is that exclusive experience? With us, it begins way before you announce your top performers. An upcoming incentive trip has to be an effective motivator for your entire sales force, so you need to get your team excited for the prize if you want to spur their drive. That’s why Vision has teams that create custom-branded promotional videos, giving your team a flashy sneak peek into their upcoming dream vacation. Do you want to do even more to pique your team’s interest, and peak their performance? We also design custom, event-based websites to serve as an interactive Sales Incentive portal where your team can click-through the details of the trip. Custom-branded and full of information, these sites go deeper into detail to give your team a real sense of the local adventures and exclusive parties they could attend. And these websites maintain their value even after the top performers are announced, becoming a one-stop shop of information as winners prepare for their trip.

After you’ve hyped up your team and the top spots have been earned, we know not to disappoint. You’ve spent months promising the vacation of their dreams, and we make sure to over-deliver on that promise. We treat your attendees like royalty from the moment they qualify till the moment they return from their destination.

Before the trip, we reach out to each attendee, making the first contact as their travel concierge. We get to know each of them personally, and help coordinate their individualized travel plans. We make sure to meet every special request, be it car seats, cribs, food restrictions or whatever detail that will make their trip worry-free. We work with each guest to make travel to and from paradise as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Once the guests land in-country and are chauffeured to their home away from home, they are greeted by name as we walk them through their next few days in paradise. Even as guests kickoff their vacay with a cocktail, we’ve already been working around the clock to make sure the dream vacation you promised is truly a dream come true. Before your guests have even found their rooms, our staff has already delivered welcome gift baskets with personal notes from your executive team. And all of this is just the beginning.

Vision tailors every event, blending the local culture with your company’s culture to craft an exceptionally unique program. We curate a world-class experience by choosing locations and excursions exclusive to the area, creating an agenda that has a happy balance between planned activities and relaxing down time. And we make sure each moment is a pampered one. Instead of just giving out goodie bags, we upgrade it to an exclusive market experience where guests can fill a souvenir tote with supplies and goods brought in by local vendors. Instead of the usual vacation snapshots, we hire personal photographers and send guests home with custom-framed portraits. Instead of impersonal gifts, we create memorable experiences, like custom-fitted and personalized Maui Jim sunglasses, or a private shopping event inside a local Tiffany & Co. And instead of just any old light show at your exclusive party, we can set up the largest fireworks display that town has ever seen; we know because we just did this in Punta Mita!

Sales Incentive Trips are some of the most fun events that Vision plans, and it is a huge joy for us to spoil your hardest working team members. Whether you’re planning your first incentive trip or looking to turn up the dial on your existing program, let us be the ones to pamper your top performers. Give us a call, and let us show you just how quickly we can get your hands on a mai tai and your gaze towards the endless ocean sky.